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We could not have hoped for a more perfect place to spend our honeymoon: Santorini. It is beautiful and Heliotopos has offered an ambiance we have not found anywhere else. Thank you for your outstanding service and sharing your little piece of Heaven.
Jessica and Eric Moore, Texas, USA, 25 September 2005

We have had here the best days of our honeymoon trip. It was a dream coming true. Your kindness, your perfect services and above all the romantic atmosphere you offer are simply extraordinary!
Hugo and Renata, Brazil, 16 September 2005

Our special thanks go to ALL the wonderful staff at Heliotopos. You have made our stay here one we will never forget. Santorini is truly the most romantic and beautiful place we have been to. We renewed our wedding vows here today after 24 years together. It was perfect day and it will stay in our minds and hearts forever. Thank you all again. With love and best wishes.
Suzanne & Andrew Mussell, England, 12 September 2005

The service - Two words define the level of service at Heliotopos. "Of course". No matter what you request, this is the answer. From the porter, to the receptionist, to the cook, to the maid, to Lila the gracious owner of the hotel, everyone here is not only willing but excited about making your stay perfect, and for us, perfect it was.
Rayna & Jonathan, USA, 1 July 2005

When we were trying to decide on a destination for our wedding, overwhelmed by worries and emotions, we were reading the testimonies of other couples.  The praises of your hotel were so great, that we were not sure how realistic they were.  Well, now it is our turn and we can say that the others were understating their praises!  The problem, we realize, lies in the difficulty of finding proper words to describe the sincere gratitude and great appreciation for making A DREAM come true.
We've traveled to many different countries and have seen many different weddings.  We knew we wanted something very, very special for our ceremony, but had difficulty expressing our ideas in more than general terms.  We did not know, at that time, just HOW special it could actually be.
You and your staff showed us how.  The attention to detail you all show is so far beyond one's expectations, it is almost unreal.  Others have written that they felt like part of the family while at Heliotopos, and it is so very true.  Everyone made us feel at home from the very first moment we entered your hotel, until we had to regretfully leave.  You and your staff's creativity and honest desire to go beyond expectations to meet your customers' wishes deserve the highest praise.
Not only were we pleased with the excellent, high-class service; not only were we thrilled with the wedding service, but we also feel we have acquired very good friends.
Natasha and Curtis, Ukraine, 8 May 2005