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Heliotopos is open all year round.

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Right after your Wedding ceremony you may have a cocktail hour on the terraces of Heliotopos while also take pictures enjoying the sunset in case of a late afternoon wedding.

This can be followed by a private wedding dinner with homemade Greek specialities. Wedding dinners are always private and we give to the couple the lava cave and patio area or terraces. The couple may dine alone, or with guests, in the cave, the patio, or the terraces.

Decoration is done according to couples wishes. Heliotopos has various proposals at no cost. Couples can bring their own CD or iPod to play music (if not wish a band or DJ). Menus are always Greek and with homemade specialities

Whether for a wedding reception, an engagement party, a bridal shower, a rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunches, a gala dinner, a party or other occasion, Heliotopos Hotel offers quality service, expert support and a grand atmosphere. Our attentive and impeccable service, delicious homemade cuisine, and beautiful setting will transform your idea into a memorable experience.