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Choosing the right accommodation in Santorini is a difficult task for any traveller. There are many good hotels to choose from. So what makes Heliotopos such a special place?

In the pages of this website you will find all the practical information about our hotel: the amazing caldera view, traditional architecture, awards, small suites and studio houses, buffet breakfast, swimming pool and free wi-fi.

What we are most proud of though, is the special relationships we form with our guests.

Hearing about us from your friends, reading the guest testimonial or the reviews on TripAdvisor, you will realise that we are not offering a generic hotel experience. Since 1990 we try not to just accommodate the traveller. We aim to be the place to relax, your home away from home, your family in Santorini. Together we can create a unique travel experience, share thoughts and insights and make your stay memorable, not just because you visited an amazing island, but also because you seized most of it.

Santorini is a magnificent place, the views, the history and the million things to do. After all those years of operation, we know that we are able to make your visit to Santorini one of the best experiences of your life!

We are honoured to present to you a video about Heliotopos hotel, through the eyes of a recent, dear guest. Thank you Christian and see you again soon!

Hotel Heliotopos from DerDavoser on Vimeo.

Heliotopos is open all year round.