COVID-19: How we will be keeping our guests safe


  • Our staff is well trained

We have given our staff proper training regarding the nature and symptoms of Covid-19 as well as how it is transferred. Every member of our staff will undergo health checks before every shift. In case a member of our staff has any symptoms, they will stay at home until they get a negative test result. We provide them with face masks, face shields and bodysuits where necessary.

  • Guest interactions with hotel staff will be minimised

As much as it pains us to keep our distance from our loved guests, we know that this will be necessary and only temporary. We are introducing contactless check-in, where the guests will need to fill out an online form before their arrival. Our receptionists, waiters and concierge staff will be wearing face shields to protect both parties when our guests wish to speak with us. Our bellboys will be wearing new, single-use gloves to help with your luggage. You will be required to vacate your room for our housekeepers to enter for housekeeping services.

  • Social distancing guidelines will be applied

Social distancing has been a key strategy in minimising the spread of the virus. The CDC has announced that it is easier to get infected by human contact/proximity rather than by touching infected surfaces. At Heliotopos Hotel we are doing all we can to ensure that these guidelines are respected. We have reduced or rearranged the furniture in public areas to enforce social distancing measures. The guests should always keep in mind to keep their distance from other travelers. When another guest is in the reception with a member of our staff, please wait for our turn at least 2 meters behind, or outside of the area.

  • Housekeeping – Choose the level of distancing you prefer

For the safety of our guests and our staff, the “stay over” service during your stay will only be done after your consent. When we clean your room, and while there is still a risk for the virus, our housekeepers will be changing sheets/towels and cleaning kitchenettes/kitchenware, but will try to avoid touching the guests’ possessions to tidy up. Rooms will be wholly and thoroughly disinfected prior to guests arrival and following their departure. In case you choose us not to clean your room during your stay, if you need anything we will be happy to provide it for you (i.e. towels, sheets, coffee cups). Our housekeepers will only enter your room upon request to change your towels, sheets or trash-bins and to provide amenities and only when no guests are in the room. Please keep your room tidy to allow for the best possible service without the need to touch your personal belongings. 

  • Room Service

The mini bars in the rooms this summer will be empty. You may order from our bar from 09:00 to 23:00 and use the mini bar as storage for your groceries. You will find a QR code in the room for full access of the menus on your phone/tablet.

  • General Rules

Guests are responsible to bring their own face masks and use them where appropriate during their stay*. This applies for personal masks too. However, guests can hand-wash reusable masks in their room and thoroughly iron them so as to disinfect them with the provided iron/ironing board in their room.



*The CDC describes why, how and when to use your mask. Make sure you wash your hands at least 20 seconds before you wear it and after you remove it, as well as every time you touch it. When you wish to remove it, or when you feel that the mask is damp, take it off by touching only the ear loops or ties, fold the outside corners together and place it in a bag until you are back in your room. DO not use the same mask twice if you haven’t washed it first. You can wash it in your room and iron it thoroughly when it is dry with the ironing set provided in the room. Be prepared, take with you a minimum of 2 masks to be able to wear a clean one after you use the first one. If you are using single-use masks, once used discard them immediately in a closed bin.